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Pardons and Expungements

Pennsylvania Expungement Lawyer

Criminal arrests and convictions carry serious consequences for individuals, even if such arrests never resulted in a conviction. Most applications for jobs, professional licensure, or housing require disclosure of any arrests or charges, which can damage some people’s chances of being considered. If you are hindered by your criminal record, a pardon and expungement lawyer in Perry County, Pennsylvania, can help you.

Our pardon and expungement attorney, Tammy Dusharm, has extensive experience helping Pennsylvania residents clear up their past criminal records.  Having a criminal record of any kind can have serious ramifications, including negative impact on your ability to secure housing, employment, hunt or otherwise exercise your 2nd Amendment rights, attend college, obtain professional licensing, or just function without being unfairly judged for your past.  If you find yourself in need of an expungement or pardon, do not hesitate to contact our office now to schedule a consultation.  We will thoroughly review your situation and help you determine the best way we can be of assistance. 


An expungement is a court order granted by a judge, ordering the relevant criminal justice agencies to destroy or erase the record. An expungement will remove the charge or conviction from your record.  Some, but not all, criminal charges and convictions qualify for expungement.

A Pennsylvania expungement lawyer can advise you on whether your convictions are eligible for expungement.


A pardon is an executive act of clemency granted by either the Governor (in the case of state charges) or the President of the United States (in the case of federal charges) which restores all rights you lost as a result of the charge(s).  You are forgiven for the past indiscretion, and, if the charges were Pennsylvania state charges, you qualify to have them expunged or erased. 


Title 18 - PA General Assembly

The Pennsylvania legislature has authorized a “limited access order” in certain cases wherein certain lower-level convictions may be subject to a limited access order in which the records would be concealed from certain, but not all, background checks.  This Order, while a step in the right direction for some people, is not a true expungement and does not result in destruction of your record.  In some cases this may be a logical step to take, if eligible, while you await a decision on a pardon application. 

Contact the experienced Pardon and Expungement team at Dusharm Law LLC to discuss your unique situation so we can determine whether a pardon, expungement, limited access order, or some combination of these options would be beneficial for you.  Contact us at (717) 204-7820 or fill out our online form for more information. 

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