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Family Law

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Our family law attorney at Dusharm Law LLC practices family law in Perry County, Juniata County, and many surrounding counties in Central Pennsylvania.  We know family law cases are emotionally difficult and stressful because they deal with the things most important to you, including your family relationships, custody of your children, your financial well-being, and sometimes even your safety.  We will provide caring, compassionate, and understanding assistance to assist you throughout the process.  Contact us at (717) 204-7820 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your unique situation.  Examples of family law matters we handle include:



When a married couple determines they no longer wish to remain married, a petition for dissolution of marriage (divorce) is filed by one party.  A divorce will have the effect of restoring the parties to their previous “single” status.  A divorce action will typically include the following items, depending on your circumstances:

  • Property Division:  Most property you and your spouse acquired during marriage will be considered marital property which will be subject to equitable distribution at the time of your final divorce.  Any separate property owned by one spouse alone would not be subject to equitable distribution.  Some examples of separate property are: property owned by one spouse prior to marriage; property received by one spouse as an inheritance during marriage; and property received by one spouse as a gift during marriage.


  • Debt Division:  Most debt incurred by either spouse will be considered marital debt, which will also be divided equitably at the time of your final divorce.


  • Spousal Support/Alimony:  After you are separated, one spouse may be ordered to pay the other Spousal Support or Alimony Pendente Lite (APL), or even Alimony if the court determines such an award is appropriate under the circumstances.  There are various factors that weigh into the court’s decision as to whether such an award is appropriate.  It is important to receive advice from a qualified family law attorney who can evaluate your situation and help you determine if any of these orders are appropriate under the circumstances of your case. 



Your child custody or visitation matter may be handled in conjunction with divorce if you are married to your child(ren)’s other parent or may be initiated as a separate action if you were not.  Additionally, you may need to modify any previously entered child custody order if the circumstances have changed.  Our family law attorney is available to work with you to help you achieve the best possible custody order for your child(ren).  The Court will attempt to fashion the child custody arrangement that is in your children’s best interests given your unique circumstances.  There are many factors the Court will consider in making such a determination.  Our family law attorney will help you determine which of these factors apply to your situation and work with you to develop the strongest legal argument in support of the desired outcome. 



Our experienced family law attorney will work with you to ensure that the appropriate amount of child support is awarded in your case.All cases are different, and there are many factors that go into calculating the appropriate amount of child support, including the following:


  • The incomes of the parties

  • The custody arrangement

  • Certain routine and extraordinary expenses of the children



If you have a child support order but your circumstances have changed, we can help you determine if it is the appropriate time to seek a modification of your child support order.  We will work with you through the entire child support modification process to make sure your rights are protected, and the appropriate order is entered. 

Regardless of what type of family court matter you may be facing, the experienced family law attorney at Dusharm Law LLC is ready to help.  Call us today at (717) 204-7820 for a free consultation to discuss your situation. 

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