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Dusharm Law Case Results. *

Cumberland County Indecent Assault charge results in probation

A young college student and member of the military contacted Attorney Tammy Dusharm after being accused of Felony Indecent Assault for an incident which occurred years earlier when he was a minor.  Terrified, he was looking at a potential felony conviction, imprisonment, lifetime registration as a sex offender, dishonorable discharge, removal and court martial from the military, and dismissal from college.  His bright future was being threatened.  Attorney Dusharm aggressively pursued the client’s defense, forced the prosecution to produce all of its evidence, challenged the evidence through pre-trial motions, and aggressively negotiated with the prosecutor, eventually reaching a negotiated resolution with the client receiving a probationary sentence to a reduced charge of Harassment, thereby avoiding the risk of imprisonment, a permanent felony conviction, or Megan’s Law registration for an offense which allegedly occurred when he was a child. 

Old Charges from College Expunged

Many of us have done things in our younger years we regret and would not like to be judged for once we have grown up, started families, and entered professional careers.  This was the case for a gentleman who engaged Attorney Tammy Dusharm to assist him with clearing up a 2002 trespassing charge from his college days, which resulted from over-consumption of alcohol.  Attorney Dusharm successfully sought expungement, effectively erasing the incident from his record.

Acquittal for Perry County Senior charged with Criminal Mischief

When charges of criminal mischief were lodged against an elderly Perry county resident, she contacted Attorney Tammy Dusharm to mount a vigorous legal defense.  Believing in her innocence Attorney Dusharm did not waver, ultimately securing a not guilty verdict.

Business Formation

Attorney Tammy Dusharm has assisted multiple Perry county business owners with setting up limited liability companies so they can achieve the most favorable tax status as well as liability protection.  Such businesses include construction businesses, landscaping contractors, as well as other local small businesses. 

Acquittal of Railroad Crossing Violation Charges

A CDL driver charged with serious charges related to an accident that occurred near a railroad crossing in Cumberland County reached out to Attorney Tammy Dusharm for assistance.  Facing suspension of his CDL and termination of his livelihood, he was understandably very concerned.  Attorney Dusharm aggressively pursued his defense, ultimately achieving an acquittal before the Judge.

Treatment Court for Cumberland County Parole Violation

After being accused of violating her court-imposed parole, a Cumberland County resident facing significant incarceration retained Attorney Tammy Dusharm for representation.  Attorney Dusharm recognized the Client had significant mental health as well as alcohol problems and advocated successfully for the client’s placement into Cumberland County’s recently created mental health treatment court, thereby allowing the client to receive the help she needed rather than incarceration. 

Franklin County Not Guilty Verdict for Indecent Assault Charges

Attorney Tammy Dusharm’s representation of a Franklin County resident charged with multiple counts of Indecent Assault, including one count of Aggravated Indecent Assault resulted in a verdict of not guilty on all counts.  This young man, was looking at a maximum possible sentence of twenty years in prison, lifetime registration as a sex offender, and permanent damage to his reputation and calling.  After a hard-fought battle, which included several pre-trial motions, hearings, and ultimately a jury trial, the client was exonerated of all charges when the jury unanimously found him not guilty of all counts.

ARD for Assault and Endangering Welfare of Children

A resident of Mifflin County recently found himself charged with Assault and Endangering Welfare of Children, serious offenses convictions for which would have resulted in a lifetime prohibition of him exercising his 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.  Being an avid hunter, his 2nd Amendment rights were important to him.  Attorney Tammy Dusharm aggressively pursued his defense, ultimately securing an agreement with the prosecutor that he be admitted to Mifflin County’s ARD program, successful completion of which will allow his charges to be dismissed, totally expunged, and will never keep them from ever affecting his ability to own firearms or hunt. 

Acquittal in Firearms Case:

Having certain things in your past, such as certain convictions or mental health situations may cause you to lose your right to possess firearms.  This is the situation a former client of Attorney Tammy Dusharm found himself in.  He was facing the felony charge of being a person not to possess a firearm, an offense that carries a stiff prison sentence.  Attorney Dusharm aggressively took action, arguing to the jury that the client was not guilty of the charge.  The jury agreed, returning a verdict of not guilty so the client could move on with his life free of these charges.

Pardon and Expungement for Perry/Juniata County Client:

A former nursing student was convicted in 2003 of committing two Misdemeanor Theft offenses.  Her nursing career was destroyed because she was unable to complete nursing school or seek any professional licenses with these charges on her record.  After successfully completing her probation and remaining a law-abiding and productive citizen for many years, she contacted attorney Tammy Dusharm to seek assistance in clearing her record.  Attorney Dusharm worked with the client to prepare the most persuasive PA Pardon Application possible.  Ultimately, the Governor granted the client’s application for clemency and issued a full pardon.  Attorney Dusharm then assisted the client with securing expungements for both cases, resulting in the client’s record now being completely cleared.  She is now free to pursue whatever educational or occupational path she desires without fear of her past youthful lapse in judgment interfering.

* Case results are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a guarantee, warranty, or prediction about the outcome of your case.  All cases are unique. As such, the results of your case will depend upon it's individual facts and circumstance.

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